J.S. White & Associates, Inc.
Independent Adjusters & Investigators
Grand Island, NE
"Relying on a police report and internet web sites is a poor substitute for detailed, on scene investigation"
Jeff White, President
bad wreck

The “Adjuster of Choice” to many of the nation’s leading insurance carriers, J.S. White & Associates,Inc., is not a “one size fits all” multi-line firm. An extensive background in investigative work, coupled with a thorough knowledge of the transportation industry, makes us uniquely qualified to deal with the high profile losses associated with the trucking industry. So much so, that a leading transportation insurance carrier honored J. S. White & Associates, Inc. as one of its select few independent adjusters nationwide by granting them draft authority.

We fully understand the nature of Target Risk losses and complex issues of liability. With timely, accurate and detailed handling, we provide our clients with everything from full investigations of multiple fatality accidents to expert cargo handling. Our extensive background in investigative work enables us to be a valued part of the legal defense team, and our long-standing relationships with area law enforcement professionals help us keep the lines of communication open long after the “report has been filed.”